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    Pooja Material Lists:
    General Pooja,

    Satyanarayana Pooja,

    Saraswati Pooja

    Updated new temple calendar and pooja events, effective from July 8th.  
    Temple timings 
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
    9 am - 12 noon
    9 to 10 am -- pooja  (see pooja list below)
    10AM Aarthi
    5 pm - 8 pm
    7 to 7:30pm -- pooja  (see pooja list below)
    7:30PM Aarthi
    Wednesday: CLOSED (Priest Holiday) 
    Daily temple pooja list:
    (pooja will occur at both AM and PM time slots, as listed above)
    Sunday -- Shri Ganesh pooja & Surya (navagraha) pooja
    Monday-- Shri Shiva pooja & Soma (navagraha) pooja
    Tuesday-- Shri Karthikeya pooja; Hanuman pooja & Mangala (navagraha) pooja
    Wednesday - OFF 
    Thursday-- Shri Ram Parivar pooja; Radha Krishna pooja & Budha and Bruhaspati (navagraha) pooja
    Friday-- Shri Durga pooja & Shukra and Rahu (navagraha) pooja
    Saturday-- Shri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Parivar pooja & Sani and Ketu (navagraha) pooja
    Shiva Pradosh Pooja (see calendar)
    Time: 6 pm to 8 pm 
    Balaji Abhishekam (see calendar)
    New Time: 9:30 am to 11 am  
    HSBV Festival/Event Calendar 
    No Change in events or date/time (2017 calendar)
    NOTE1: Pooja events will be held in Mandir only
    NOTE2: Cultural programs and Mahaprasad in Kalamandir only

    Upcoming events

    About the Hindu Society of Brazos Valley

    The Hindu Society of Brazos Valley serves members of the Hindu faith in the vicinity of Bryan-College Station in Texas. Facilities include Shri Omkarnath Temple and Saraswati Kalamandir (hall). Classes for children (Balavihar) are offered on Sundays.

    For further information, contact: hsbv.pres (at)